2015 Beer Festival

The Burton Beer and Cider Festival in 2015 will be held on Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th of March at the Burton Town Hall, come along and enjoy. Why not volunteer for a few hours worth of serving then enjoy the Festival afterwards. See the Festival webpage for more details.


April 2015 Bike Ride

Friday 10th April. Meet at the Sump, Winsill at 6:45pm. Cycle along Newton Road to The Boot, Repton. Then cross the river Trent to Willington and along the A5132 to the Old Talbot at Hilton. From Hilton cycle through Marston on Dove to the Rolleston Club, Burnside where sandwiches and chips will be provided for £3.50 per person at 10:15pm. Please let Peter Rose know if you are coming to allow food to be pre booked. Do take the opportunity to do some beer scoring as well.